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Let’s start from the start! You wait in anticipation for nine whole months. While the first 8 and half fly by the last two weeks do not. Every little sneeze, kick, hiccup, urge to wee could be a potential sign that labour is starting so you spend most of those days googling every symptom. In the end if you had just listened at the antenatal class and to your own mother who told you ‘you’ll just know’ you’ll realise this is true and yes I just knew. 

Everyone has their war story and strangely enough everyone wants to share their war stories after when you couldn’t care less about how wee Jimmy came Into the world and could do without a second by second commentary of his mums labour story. 

I had a nicely written, colour coded birth plan. It made it sound so easy and straight forward. I’d practised hypnobirthing in my own way which I truly believed helped me in the early stages of labour but when it came to the full throws of labour it was ‘fuck that calm serenity shite and get her out of me!’ In the end I was lucky and didn’t deviate too much from my plan, let’s just say that after keeping us waiting a few days my daughter arrived with such speed and urgency  it took everyone by surprise. The midwife said ‘just makes sure when you have no2 you tell them how fast no1 came!’ No2…was she having a laugh?! That experience was so traumatic I can barely think of a no2 bowel movement never mind pushing out another tiny human.

At the end of the day if I had to have deviated further from my birth plan it wouldn’t have mattered. Who cares how these babies come into this world as long as they get here safe. They say time is a healer and you do forget. It’s been six months and yes the flashbacks have stopped, the initial night terrors where I relived it and woke up in a cold sweat have stopped, and instead I have the most perfect little girl ever. The most joyous and unforgettable moment was the second she was placed into my arms- wide awake taking in the world around her while two people got to work down below stitching me up should I ever change my mind on baby no2! 


Published by hazycrazynewborndays

First time mummy navigating the world with a newborn baby! Finding writing my feeling down about various baby topics very therapeutic and hope that my ramblings will help others too!

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