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Maternity leave ending poem

Maternity leave

I’ll never forget the day when I first held you in my arms,

All I’ve ever wanted to do since then is protect you from all harm.

This year I’ve experienced the highest of highs,

I feel so blessed every time you greet me with your beautiful smile.

I’ve also had some pretty low lows,

How hard it’s been, no one will ever truly know.

For nearly a year it’s been just you and me

My 24/7 sidekick, my little mini me.

We’ve learnt a lot together and grown along the way

But now it’s time for me to go back to work today.

This is just a new chapter, one of many more to come

But one things for certain we will never stop having lots of fun.


Published by hazycrazynewborndays

First time mummy navigating the world with a newborn baby! Finding writing my feeling down about various baby topics very therapeutic and hope that my ramblings will help others too!

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